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Wholesale price of potato may reach up to 700 rupees a quintal

 The Hawk Newsline |  2017-01-26 15:53:31.0  0  Comments

Wholesale price of potato may reach up to 700 rupees a quintal

Pantnagar: Scientists of Agricultural Economics Department of College of Agriculture of Pantvarsity have forecasted the wholesale farm prices of potato in the forthcoming season of potato. They have forecasted wholesale price of potato in the range of Rs. 600 to 700 during January-March 2017. The forecast has been made under a project, 'Network Project on Market Intelligence' which is under operation in the department. The main objective of this project is to release price forecasts of selected agricultural commodities before sowing and during harvesting. The project team of Pantnagar centre under the supervision of Principle Investigator, Dr. Anil Kumar, conducted market survey of Haldwani Regulated Market, a major market for potato in Uttarakhand, and analyzed the wholesale price data which prevailed for the last 11 years. The econometric analysis indicated that the wholesale price of potato in Haldwani market would be ranging between Rs. 600 and Rs. 700 per quintal from January-March 2017. This forecast is based on past data and model and the actual market price may not turn out to be the same as forecasted. Scientists have advised farmers to take marketing and storage decisions of potato according to price forecasted.

The sowing of potato in the plains starts from mid-September and ends in November. The harvesting of crop starts from January and lasts up to March. The arrival of newly harvested crop starts from January and ends in April. Thereafter, the arrival of potato is from the cold stores. According to the trader's survey January, February and March are the peak arrival months and June, July and August are the lean arrival months of the potato in Haldwani market.

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