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'MAD Alleges Open Disposal Of Bio Medical Waste In Doon'

Dehradun: Doon based student activist group, Making A Difference By Being The Difference (MAD)has alleged that the Nagar Nigam and the concerned authorities are not properly monitoring the disposal of Bio medical waste in the city.

MAD Members were conducting their routine clean up drives and awareness activity this sunday like previous Sundays .However, the activity had to be halted in between. Amidst heavy rain, as two dozen members from MAD gathered to clean up this dump near Araghar Chowk close to slew of hospitals, members started stumbling upon syringes, bandages and blood samples. As rain continued to pour, members were shocked that even open needles had been found and that no effort had been made to dispose these dangerous things properly.
It may be noted that after the Supreme Court intervention, there are strict rules for bio medical waste management and all hospitals are required to compulsorily comply with them. Its a matter of great tragedy that in their own money making pursuits certain hospitals are not complying with these stipulations and disposing their wastes openly. What is even more tension worthy is the fact that these items were not found inside the dustbin but on the road.
MAD members express their deep concerns about the consequences that would have already accrued to many local residents and particularly poor sections of societies such as waste cleaners and kabadiwalas who could have been harmed by such open syringes and used needles .The same concern also extends to stray dogs and other stray animals who regularly visit such garbage hotspots in search of food. Given the seriousness of the issue MAD members quickly finished their drive and headed for Nagar Nigam Dehradun .As it was sunday most of the offices were closed .Therefore MAD members met with local officials who was there on campus and handed over blood samples and other items tha were collected syringes and bandages from the dump.MAD had also prepared extensive photo and video record of what was found. It is pertinent to note that there are number of medical institutes around given area and therefore pinpointing to anyone without proof will not be easy .Therefore the need of the hour is to investigate the real source of waste and to ensure that it does not find its way to streets again .There is particular need to ensure proper monitoring of even small local medical institutions to ensure overall public safety and hygiene .The members who were present in the activity included were founding president Abhijay Negi, Shardul Aswal, Vinod Bagiyal, Ayush Joshi, Pallavi Bhatia, Prerna Rawat, Saurav Joshi.

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