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IIT-Roorkee To Deploy Earthquake Warning System Across N India

 Agencies |  2017-09-11 15:15:52.0  0  Comments

IIT-Roorkee To Deploy Earthquake Warning System Across N India

Dehradun: Enthused by the success of its pilot project on operationalising an early earthquake warning system in Uttarakhand, IIT Roorkee is planning to deploy the first-of-its-kind system across all sesmic-prone major cities of the north India.

This project in India is part of the overall research being conducted by the institute in the field of earthquake engineering and is an extension of the pilot project undertaken in the Himalayan region.
As a pilot, which started in 2015, IIT Roorkee was the first institute to deploy 84 sensors in seismic gap region of the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand with the help of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.
These on-site sensors stream data in real-time to a computer server at the institute using network of the Uttarakhand government which is being processed for issuing warning for magnitude 6 and above earthquakes.
"Looking at the seismic map of India, we know that most of the northern region cities are under a constant threat of a severe or moderate earthquake. The aim of our study in the Himalayan region was to ensure a working mechanism which will be able to save lives," said M L Sharma from IIT Roorkees Department of Earthquake Engineering and the Principal Investigator of the project.
"Predicting earthquakes is impossible, but it is possible to save people living in distant cities through a simple warning system, which will give them enough lead time to reach a safe open place in case of an impending earthquake," Sharma said. Sirens, connected to the server, have been fitted within the campus of IIT Roorkee to warn of an impending high magnitude earthquake in the region.

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