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Draft For The First 120 MW Himalayan Hydel Project Ready

Draft For The First 120 MW  Himalayan Hydel Project Ready

Pithoragarh: Draft of the first Himalayan hydel project has been completed. The work on this 120 MW project is expected to begin after the end of the election code of conduct. This project will generate 400 MW electricity, it is estimated.

The exercise of preparing hydropower project on Gori Ganga river, which flows near Bugdiyar, some 30 km away from the frontier Tehsil Munsiari, has been going on for the last five years. After completion of all the testing and exemption from the forest land act of the project site, the corporation has prepared the final draft of the scheme. The plan will be completely river run. Project Power House will be built in Rupasiyabagar near Bugdiyar. The water of the Gori Ganga will be brought here through the tunnel. On the same pattern, NHPC has prepared a 280 MW Dhauli Ganga Hydro Power Project in Chirkila. Building of the road to the project site is underway these days. After the code of conduct is removed, the work of the project is expected to start. The estimated cost of the project is about Rs.1200 crore.

Project to be completed by 2026

The 120 MW hydroelectric project, built in Rupasiabagad of the frontier tehsil Munsiari, will be completed by 2026. The project is expected to start in 2020. In addition to managerial staff in the project, 400 people will get permanent employment in the form of engineering staff, lower technical staff, computer operator, lineman, workers etc., whereas, more than 1000 people will get indirect employment opportunities. Local people will be able to employment by developing market around the project site. Market of vegetables, milk, meat etc. is expected to evolve around the project site which would benefit the local farmers. The entire electricity generated from the project will be available to the Uttarakhand government. This will also help increase the revenue of the state.

Draft Project Ready

Umesh Joshi, Assistant Engineer, Small Hydro Power Corporation said that the draft of Rupasiabagad project is ready. Work on the project will start soon. Simultaneously, the work on acceptance of the 230 MW Sela Urthig and 12 MW Tankul project in Dharchula Tehsil is also underway. Upon construction of these projects, a large number of employment opportunities are expected to be created in the district.

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