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'Corporate Lecture Series' Commence At IIT Roorkee

Corporate Lecture Series Commence At IIT Roorkee

Roorkee: The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has started a series of talks featuring eminent personalities from a wide spectrum of the industry. The initiative called the 'Corporate Lecture Series' has commenced from this semester and will serve as a platform for known individuals from the industry to come and address the students of IIT Roorkee about their experiences and share valuable insight about the current industry practices. These lectures will not only help the students to corroborate their academic learning with real-time industry knowledge, but also get perks like Research and Internship opportunities in the Industry along with certifications. This confluence between the industry and the institute will also help identify interesting and important research projects which the institute can carry out for the industry.

The first lecture in the series was conducted by Mr. Harendra Singh, Principal Process Engineer at NPCC, Oil & Energy, UAE. An alumnus of IIT Roorkee, he spoke to the students and the other participants about the latest trends in upstream petroleum sector. He discussed the latest trends and the research being undertaken in the industry and the future scope in the field of oil & gas. He also informed the participants about various process design activities and briefed them about the latest technologies, software and processes which are central to the development of the industry. He also spoke about the importance of research within the industry and how industry and academia together can help solve a lot of industrial application issues. He also mentioned the need to have an industry driven curriculum in order to ensure that the students come face to face with practical industrial scenarios during their academic stint.
Speaking about his visit and the lecture, Mr. Harendra Singh said, "As an alumnus of this Institute, it feels great to be back here addressing the young minds and helping them understand about the day to day practicalities of the industry. These young minds will go out and be part of the industry and it is important for them to be ready with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to face the world out there. This corporate lecture series being organised by the Institute is key to bridging the gap between them and the industry and will benefit the students in the future."
Speaking about his sector, Mr. Harendra Singh said, "The petroleum industry will take a major turn in the near future and the complete transition from fossil fuels to non-conventional sources of energy will not be practical and feasible".
Through the Corporate Lecture Series, the Institute wants the students and faculty to develop a broader perspective towards industry practices and foster interdisciplinary learning.

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