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Cong Playing Into Hands Of Anti-Nationals

Cong Playing Into Hands Of Anti-Nationals

Kashipur(Uttarakhand)/New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Thursday accused the Congress of playing into the hands of anti-nationals and separatists, saying the party intended to "weaken" the armed forces by promising to review the AFSPA.

Adityanath was here to address a rally in support of Ajay Bhatt, the BJP candidate from the Nainital Lok Sabha seat.

Yogi said the Congress's poll manifesto proves that the party has pledged its conscience to anti-nationals and separatists and is playing into their hands.

"By saying that it would revoke the anti-sedition law and review the (AFSPA), the Congress has made its intentions clear. It wants to give anti-nationals and separatists a free run and weaken the armed forces," he said.

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act gives the armed forces certain protection from legal action in carrying out their operations in disturbed areas. Describing Uttarakhand as a land of brave soldiers who are always ready to die for their country, he said the state can never support a party whose objective is to tie the hands of the armed forces. "This is an insult to the brave soldiers of Uttarakhand who don't hesitate to lay down their lives to protect the country's frontiers," Adityanath said.

Yogi said a party which talks about revoking a section of the anti-sedition law is against the country and a threat to its unity and integrity.

He said the people of Uttarakhand have understood the Congress's character. "They know it can neither keep the nation safe nor it can do any good to the people of the state," he said. Claiming that support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pouring from all sides, he said, "Only one call is heard everywhere, Modi, Modi and Modi as PM again". "On one side there is Congress which plots conspiracies and on the other there is BJP which has committed itself to securing the country's boundaries. "There is Congress which makes false promises and on the other it is the BJP which has the strong will to deliver. It is for you to make the choice," he said.

Congress "failed" to keep the promises it had made in its manifestos for 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha elections. Now it is making new promises to cheat people once again, he said, adding that the party's manifesto was a document of its own failures. Asking people to support Modi, Adityanath said the country could develop and be secure only in his hands.

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