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Yogi For Strict Adherence To Traffic Rules

Yogi For Strict Adherence To Traffic Rules

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed his officials to ensure strict enforcement of road safety rules for people's safety.

At a meeting of the UP State Road Security Council in Lok Bhawan on late Tuesday evening, Mr Adityanath said the road safety rules should be strictly enforced and strict action taken against those flouting the traffic rules. He also directed the Traffic Department to conduct a review meeting by co-ordinating with all other departments every month to control the road mishaps and ensure road safety.

The UP CM also said that his office should be informed about the progress of compliance of the decisions taken in the aforementioned monthly review meetings. Along with that, information about the departments which are not taking active interest in enforcing the decisions which are taken, should also be given. Mr Adityanath said that all the departments concerned will have to fulfill their responsibilities vis-a-vis road safety and any laxity shown in this aspect will be taken seriously.

Further, Mr Yogi asked all the agencies--Public Works Department (PWD), National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), etc--associated with road construction to zero in on solutions to decrease road mishaps in accident-prone areas.

He said that the PWD is the nodal department as far as road construction is concerned and hence, it should make all the necessary information related to road safety, available to all other departments associated with road construction.

Providing directions to present solutions to bring down over-speeding at road junctions, Mr Adityanath said that corrective action should be initiated according to the IRC standards and the black spots marked upon the basis of the road mishap figures of last year.

He said that the reasons behind the road mishaps should be probed, adding that reformative solutions should be ensured by doing special safety audits of the black spots where accidents have taken place more than once. Along with this, the CM said, road markings and construction of zebra crossings should be done as per requirements.

At the meeting, the UP CM said that strict action should be taken against those flouting traffic rules, adding that the arrangement for 'no helmet-no petrol' should be ensured in the case of two-wheelers.

Apart from those indulging in rash driving, Mr Adityanath also directed strict action against those who do not wear helmets and fasten seat belts. He said that an awareness drive should be conducted in schools with respect to it.

In a meeting with the principals of educational institutions, the District Magistrate (DM), Superintendent of Police (SP) and Basic Education Officer should make them cognizant about road safety so that children and parents get information and they become more aware. A pamphlet carrying all points related to road safety should be prepared and distributed in schools while parents should ensure that they do not provide younger children two-wheelers to ride. Further, Mr Yogi said that the arrangement for individuals injured in road accidents to be taken to nearest hospital should be ensured. Ambulance facility, Primary Health Centers situated on those roads which have more black spots, Community Health Center should be secured with all necessary materials and the staff present there should be trained. Ambulances of NHAI, Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA), Uttar Pradesh State Highways Authority (UPSHA) should be joint with 108 ambulance service. Providing further directions for ensuring ample police force facility for checking over-speeding and speed radars, Mr Adityanath said that the speed limitation of vehicles should be determined and boards related to it should be established. Drivers engaging in drunk driving should be rigorously check through breath analysers. Effective action against illegal 'dhabas' and owners of vehicles stationed on roadside should be ensured.

The Chief Minister further gave directions for public facilities to be increased at toll plazas, Yamuna expressway and Lucknow-Agra express way. He also asked the officials to ensure that these facilities are also provided at petrol pumps. He said that police, traffic, health and check-up and educational departments should create a joint work plan as regards road safety and ensure its execution.

Directions for ensuring fitness of school vehicles, their permits and fitness of their drivers were also given.

Directing the putting up of sign boards related to traffic control at all roads on priority basis, Mr Yogi said that the major reasons for road mishaps are the carelessness of drivers, over-speeding and drunk driving. He also said that a health check up of drivers should also be done. Mr Yogi asserted that alert and active patrolling was necessary on expressways and national highways because vehicles tend to run at high speed on them. To raise the feeling of security and awareness in people, he said that publicity-campaigns should be carried out for them, adding that by an understanding of general traffic rules and its compliance, mishaps can be averted in large numbers and hence, it is necessary to make the common people aware about road safety and traffic rules.

Senior officials of concerned departments, including UP Cabinet Minister Suresh Khanna, Minister of Health Sidharth Nath Singh and State Transport Minister (Independent charge) Swantantra Dev Singh, DGP OP Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Information) Avnish Kumar Awasthi, Principal Secretary (Home) Arvind Kumar, Principal Secretary to CM SP Goyal, Principal Secretary (Health and Education) Rajnish Dubey, etc were present in the meeting. UNI

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