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Who Is Leader Of Opposition? UP BJP Minister Questions

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Who Is Leader Of Opposition? UP BJP Minister Questions

Lucknow: With the opposition gearing up against BJP with Congress giving a call of "Bharat Bandh" on Monday, a senior power minister in the Yogi Government Srikant Sharma has called the opposition unity a farce and asked the parties to declare who would lead them to 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

"The so-called Maha-gathbandhan has no meaning in Uttar Pradesh. The parties should first chose their leader and tell people who will lead that maha-gathbandhan in the coming Lok Sabha elections," Sharma, who is also the government spokesman said here on Sunday.
Mr Sharma said BJP has charismatic leader like Narendra Modi under whose leadership India has emerged as a global power. The opposition does not have a leader to match Modi. And if they have any, they should name him, the government spokesman said.
He said it is very easy to mislead people and that's what the opposition parties are doing.
"The opposition leaders are saying that BJP Governments – both at the centre and in the state – have failed to deliver. The leaders are giving sermons about sufferings of people. If that is true why they are forging an alliance," he asked and as if himself giving an answer said, "They (opposition parties) are talking maha-gathbandhan because they know that BJP is invincible. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have delivered and their projects are being appreciated by the masses."
His barbs were more pointed towards Congress as he said what can you say about a party which celebrated its defeat in Karnataka. "This is grand old party of India but look at its predicament, it is just non-entity in politically crucial states like UP," he said. Mr Sharma, said that so-called grand alliance in UP between all the major players like BSP, SP and Congress will have no impact on the popularity of BJP. "We will sweep Uttar Pradesh under the able leadership of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath. Modi will be the next Prime Minister. This is for sure," he declared. UNI

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