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Wait for SC Verdict On Ayodhya Issue, Pleads Shia Group

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Wait for SC Verdict On Ayodhya Issue, Pleads Shia Group

Lucknow: With Uttar Pradesh Shia Central Waqf Board stoking the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi controversy by staking claim to the ownership of the disputed site in Ayodhya and floating a draft proposal for the resolution of conflict, other Shia organisations, too, have begun airing their views on the matter.

One of the prominent Shia organisations, Tanzeem Ali Congress (TAC) stated on Wednesday that it would accept the verdict of Supreme Court on the issue. TAC president Rubina Javed Murtaza appealed to the people to wait for the Supreme Court to decide on the matter and the verdict, in favour of whichever party, should not be seen as a victory or defeat of any party.
She emphasised that since all the people respect the highest judiciary in the country, its verdict, too, should be accepted on the vexed issue of Ayodhya.
Rubina clarified that the Board is not representative of Shia community in the country, nor is it a party to the dispute. Hence, its ownership claim, too, has no basis.
TAC general secretary Asghar Mehndi said since the mosque was built by Babur, who was Sunni, its ownership claim by any Shia entity was not right. It was no secret how in the eighties people's passions were inflamed and polarised for political gains by some political parties, Mehndi said, pointing out that some political parties had succeeded in reaping benefits.
Pointing out that the dispute has time and again disturbed the peaceful atmosphere and vitiated the minds of two principal communities, the TAC leader said efforts to broker an out-of-court settlement had no meaning. UNI

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