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UP: 'Possessed' Woman Branded With Hot Iron Rod

UP: Possessed Woman Branded With Hot Iron Rod

Sonbhadra: A woman suffered 25 percent injuries after being branded with a hot iron rod in Uttar Pradesh's Sonbhadra district.

The victim, a resident of Arangi village, was admitted to a hospital here with 25 percent burn injuries after two women branded her with a hot rod on Monday over suspicions of the victim being possessed.
"The patient was brought in around 12:30 in the night in a critical condition. She went through treatment, and has around 25 percent burn injuries on her body. She is stable now. It is possible that the incident happened as an act of revenge," said Dr K K Singh, Chief Medical Superintendent Officer, Sonbhadra District Hospital. Although the victim's mother blamed her in-laws for the incident, the police said she started behaving strangely, after which the two women branded her to 'remove the ghost from her body.'
"According to the witnesses, the victim started behaving strangely in a 'Shiva Katha'. Two women, Shanti Devi and Savitri Devi, branded her hands, legs and back with a hot iron rod in order to 'remove the ghost from her body'. This act is a result of the belief of villagers in superstitions," said Sonbhadra Superintendent of Police (SP), R P Singh.

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