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UP Minister Stirs Controversy, Criticises Police

 Agencies |  2018-07-26 16:55:21.0  0  Comments

UP Minister Stirs Controversy, Criticises Police

Ballia: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) in Uttar Pradesh faced a major embarrassment when its Minister in the Yogi Adityanath government barged into a police station alleging harassment of supporters by the SHO and people's complaint against the cops.

State cabinet minister and president of the Suheldeo Bharatiya Samaj Party(SBSP) Om Prakash Rajbhar, on Thursday went with his supporters to Rashra police station alleging that the SHO was harassing his supporters and the police was not looking into the problems of the common people.
The Minister, who has created ruckus against the government in the past, was holding a janata durbar in Rasra this morning and called for the SHO after the people made large complaints against the police.
"Even after several phone calls, the SHO refused to come hence we were forced to go to the police station," Mr Rajbhar told UNI on phone from the Rasra police station.
The supporters of the SBSP and the police officers had a long chat outside the police station and the entire conservation was streamed live in the social media.
The Minister said that the police was working against the people and they are not ready to solve the problem of the poor people.
"The policemen are also harassing the supporters of the SBSP and chasing them out of the police station if they come to complaint on any matter," the Minister alleged.
Meanwhile, BJP legislator from Barriya Assembly segment in the district Surendra Singh, who is known for making controversial statements, has now said that every Hindu couple must produce at least five children to keep 'Hindutva' intact.
Mr Singh talking to reporters here on Wednesday evening, opined that what he said is necessary to keep Hindutva intact and advocated that Hindus must increase their population in India.
"It is the desire of every spiritual leader (mahant) that every Hindu couple should have a minimum of five children. This way the population will be under control and Hindutva would remain intact," Mr Singh said.
Surendra Singh, who has drawn flak for his controversial and pro-Hindutva remarks, had earlier this month triggered a controversy by saying that even Lord Ram would not have been able to put an end to the rising rape incidents.
"This is natural pollution, which has not left anybody untouched. It is people's responsibility to treat others as their family, as their sisters. We can only control it through values, not the constitution," Mr Singh said when asked about the sudden spurt in incidents of sexual abuse in UP. UNI

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