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'The Great Khali' To Organize Wrestling Competition

The Great Khali To Organize Wrestling Competition

Varanasi: WWE fame 'The great Khali' will organize a wrestling competition here in first month of 2020.

Addressing the media here on Tuesday International wrestler Khali said that his coaching institute continuously organize wrestling competitions in several state. He said that competition organized recently in Haryana, Himachal and now it will be held in Varanasi in first month of 2020. Khali said that hundreds of youth were learning tricks of wrestling in his institute and some good wrestlers of his institute will take part in world level competitions in near future. Hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative of Fit India, Khali said a healthy mind can be obtained through fit body. He said campaign should be promoted beyond political boundaries and every single person should try to achieve good health. The International wrestler said that PM Modi has increased prestige of our country across the world. He said several big naions have taken us (India) seriously after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India. UNI

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