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Power Employees, Engineers' Massive Rally In Delhi Tomorrow

Power Employees, Engineers Massive Rally In Delhi Tomorrow

Lucknow: On the call of National Co-ordination Committee of Electricity Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE), over one lakh power employees and engineers from all states will join a massive rally to be held at Delhi on Tuesday.

The rally is being held to protest against the Electricity (Amendment ) Bill 2014 and Privatization of the power sector.
All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) chairman Shailendra Dubey said here on Monday that earlier massive rallies were held throughout the country at the state capitals on March 14 against the draconian Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2014 and memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister were handed over to state authorities.
Mr Dubey said that AIPEF, All India Power Diploma Engineers Federation, All India Federation Of Electricity Employees(AITUC), Electricity Employees Federation Of India(CITU), Indian National Federation Of Electricity Employees(INTUC), All India Power Mens Federation(AIPMF) and several other unions of state level are constituent of NCCOEEE.
He said as per memorandum the object of the proposed bill is to create avenue for private houses of making business in power sector without any investment. "Splitting of distribution business into carriage and content will create such scope of business with utilisation of network set up by public exchequer. In another way, we can say that the method is cost to public for profit of private business community," Mr Dubey added.
He said two necessary conditions to be achieved prior to taking up Bill for discussion in Parliament remain unfulfilled. Firstly, 100 per cent population must be given access to electricity, for which ministry of power has set December 2019 as target. Secondly, that all power utilities must be brought to good financial health and the gap between average cost of supply and average revenue must be bridged. Presently actual cost of supply exceeds actual revenue receipt by about 65 paise per unit.
"The implementation of Electricity Act, 2003 and adverse effects there upon should be reviewed with the target of integrating the all state owned Power Utilities and complete hold upon enactment of the anti worker and anti consumer provisions of proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2014," Mr Dubey said.
The power engineer leader said that the government should stop enactment of proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill in Parliament without prior discussion with the representatives of organizations of electricity employees and engineers as assured by the former Power Minister in several meetings which took place in 2015 and 2016.
He said power being concurrent subject, the proposed amendments must be widely circulated and discussed with states." The proposed amendments should be kept as enabling and not as mandatory and no time limit be set for the states to decide," he further added.
The other demands of power sector employees and engineers are to comply with the apex court order for 'Equal Wage for Equal Work' and stop engagement of contract workers in regular operation and maintenance jobs pending regularisation of existing contractor workers, implement old pension scheme for all power employees recruited after unbundling /April, 2004, ensure safe working condition in risk prone jobs in Electricity industry and stop transfer of natural energy resources to the hands of private capitalists and to stop disinvestment in Energy Sector PSUs of India. Lastly to ensure 'Right to Energy as Human Right. UNI

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