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Power Crisis Eases In UP After Monsoon Shower

 Agencies |  2018-07-01 16:07:27.0  0  Comments

Power Crisis Eases In UP After Monsoon Shower

Lucknow: The arrival of monsoon, though late by a week in the state has come as big relief for the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) as there has been a sharp drop of 20 per cent in demand for power during peak hours.

Officials here on Sunday said that now the so called power crisis has ended due to heavy rains all over the state.
Against the peak power demand hovering around 20,000 megawatt (mw) 4-5 days back, the power demand has dipped to 16,000-17,000 mw after pre-monsoon showers lashed large parts of the state over the past two days. Consequently, public and private sector power generating units have also paired their generation to that level.
Power availability in UP stands at 18,000 Mw from all sources, including state power generating units and 7,000 Mw imported from the central sector. Since, the aggregate demand has fallen; thermal power generation has also been cut for larger safety of grid and maintaining balance between demand-supply matrices.
While, the UPPCL and different distribution companies (discoms) have managed to balance power demand-supply, yet, during dry spells in monsoon, power demand normally shoots up due to humid weather with domestic sector demand going up.
Alhough the official maintained that the rains could give problem to the thermal power stations due to wet coal.
Coal also becomes wet during monsoons, which decreases their calorific value and puts pressure on generation.
Besides, coal supply crunch also poses challenge before thermal power plants to maintain dry stock of coal. Power generation companies have been asked to keep sufficient coal stock for monsoon months. UNI

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