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One-Day Seminar On Sustainable Waste Management Organized By Vidya College Of Engineering, Meerut

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One-Day Seminar On Sustainable Waste Management Organized By Vidya College Of Engineering, Meerut

Meerut: One-Day seminar on Sustainable Solid Waste Management was organized by Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut at Vidya Knowledge Park on 17 Jan., 2018. The chief guest Mr Manoj Kumar Chauhan, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Meerut inaugurated the seminar along with Special guest speaker Dr MS Olania, former Assistant Director,NEERI, Dr KB Varshney, Chief Engineer, MC Meerut, Dr P Basak, Director General Vidya Knowledge Park,Mr Shaurabh Jain, Managing Director,VKP., Dr RK Gautam, Director,VISM., Dr RK Chechi, Director,VCE., Mr SP Verma, Director,VITD., Dr DK Sharma, Dean Academics, VCE., Dr Rohit khokhar and Dr S Kamboj, HOD & Seminar Convener. After lightening the lamp, vidya anthem was sung by all the participants. Dr RK Chechi welcomed all the guests , resource persons cum speakers and participants. Dr Kamboj briefed the objectives of the seminar and highlighted the importance and need of solid waste management for sustainable development.

Chief Guest Mr Manoj Kumar Chauhan, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Meerut threw light on the efforts of Meerut municipal corporation in solid waste management programme and urged all people in sharing the responsibility in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which may be treated as a part of solid waste management. Mr Chauhan said-" Increasing population of the world is increasing the problem of solid waste management not only in urban areas but in rural areas also. Time has come when we have to work together to handle this problem on priority basis by using the available resources. "
The special guest speaker Dr M S Olania , former Assistant Director, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur delivered the presentation having the content based on his vast experience in NEERI as scientist and as an expert in Asian Development Bank. He presented his lecture highlighting the details of Sustainable Solid Waste Management(SSWM) including the basics of the topic. Dr Olania said-"The solid waste management is a complex process which requires the identification of the components, proper segregation and applying effective methods for treatment. All the waste management process may be converted into successful stories by active public participation for sustainable development. "
In his presentation, Dr M S Olania briefed about the classification of solid waste ( food waste, rubbish, ashes and residues, demolition and construction,special waste, treatment plant waste, agricultural waste, hazardous waste), need of sustainable solid waste management, analysis of solid waste, various processes used in solid waste management , etc. He highlighted the environmental threats and diseases caused due to bad or no treatment of solid waste.
Presenting the key note speech on the topic "Waste Generation and Disposal", Dr P Basak, Director General, Vidya Knowlwedge Park said-"The problem of solid waste generation is highly serious. More than 1.43 lakh tone solid waste per day was generated during 2015 in India., more than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste, and more than 78% sewage remained untreated . Delhi only is generating 9,000 tonnes of garbage daily out of which only 15% is collected through door to door collection , which clearly means that the rest garbage goes to landfill creating serious health hazards. Almost 200 tonnes waste per person per year is generated in India , which needs a huge area for land fill." He said the waste production is the most critical because this impacts all other human existence like human health, food supply, water scarcity & water pollution, climate change & air pollution, and biodiversity depletion. Mr Jayendra Jain, industrialist and naturopath shared his thoughts on the natural methods to keep the body and mind fit. Dr KB Varshney , Chief Engineer, Meerut Municipal Corporation delivered his presentation on "Smart Cities and solid waste treatment". He threw light on the concept of smart cities and efforts of Meerut municipal corporation towards making Meerut as smart City. He urged all students to participate in Swachh Bharat mission and to initiate the cleanliness drive from their homes.
Mr SP Verma, Director VITD urged the students to take suitable steps to minimize the waste at home and in the institution. Mr Verma administered the "Swachhata Shapath" to all the participants. Mr Manoj Kumar Chauhan and Dr MS Olania distributed the certificates to the participants. Dr RK Chechi, Dr D K Sharma and Dr Gunjan Jain felicitated the guest speakers. Dr Rohit khokhar, Dean Students Affairs VKP proposed the vote of thanks and the seminar came to an end by singing national anthem. (SP VERMA) EduReporter

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