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Lucknow Cash Loot Exposes UP's Tall Claims Over Crime Control: LGP

Lucknow Cash Loot Exposes UPs Tall Claims Over Crime Control: LGP

Lucknow: The Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) on Thursday alleged that broad daylight loot of cash van in high security area near Raj Bhavan in the state capital, has badly exposed the Uttar Pradesh government's tall claims about the improvement of law and order in the state.

The party said when the crime situation is at its worst in the state capital, the scenario could be well visualised in other parts of the state.
The spokesperson of the party said here that the BJP government has been making desperate efforts to present a rosy picture of improvement in the situation but prevailing situation indicates that the law and order continues to be bad with directionless priorities of the state police.
Even the Governor Ram Naik had, a few days ago, pointed out about bad situation and now loot of Rs 6.44 lakhs and killing of a security person, of a cash van near Raj Bhavan has testified his feelings, the spokesperson said and added that despite repeated tall claims by the government over the issue, the perception among the people is different because of worst ground realities of declining law and order. The spokesperson said people are feeling disenchanted with BJP government over this issue. The spokesperson said the BJP rode to power on a promise of controlling crime, which had assumed serious dimensions during SP regime, but just more than a year after in power ,the BJP government has also landed itself in the same position. He said the law and order situation has not at all improved as records indicated around 800 rape cases during first two months of installation of the BJP government in April 2017 and the situation continued unabated.
The spokesperson said murder in jail has further exposed chinks in law and order machinery. The spokesperson said priorities of the police officers are also directionless, as in case of Lucknow they are more interested in traffic control and helmet use than controlling actual heinous crimes occurring frequently.
LGP said as compared to worst crime situation during previous Samajwadi Party regime, there has not been any improvement under the BJP's dispensation. The spokesperson said crime reports from various parts of the state indicate that the situation is almost as bad as it were during SP regime. The spokesperson said the BJP government's effort for investment is unlikely to yield any positive result because of bad law and order condition in the state. The LGP said the BJP's slogan of "bullet for bullet" in controlling crime has been badly exposed as people are quite worried about the prevailing situation. UNI

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