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Kovind's Victory: Wave Of Joy Sweeps Kanpur Dehat

Kovinds Victory: Wave Of Joy Sweeps Kanpur Dehat

Kanpur: As soon as Ram Nath Kovind was declared elected as the 14th President of India, a wave of joy and jubilation swept Jhinjhak in Kanpur Dehat, where his family members and relatives reside.

From burning lamps using ghee, distributing sweets to welcoming guests with 'gulaal' and flowers, a festive spirit permeated the atmosphere in Jhinjhak, 160 km from Lucknow.

Family members of the newly-elected president, who will go to Delhi by train on July 23, have already started buying clothes for the swearing in ceremony.

"The day the name of our uncle was announced, we were confident that he will secure a landslide win in the poll. And now with the results out, we feel proud that he will occupy the highest constitutional post of the country. Our joy know no bounds. We have been celebrating throughout the day. In the evening, we have arranged a fireworks programme," Hemlata Kovind, the niece of the newly-elected president told PTI.

A teacher, Hemlata, says that the feeling of victory is yet to completely sink.

"At times, it becomes very hard to imagine that the uncle in whose lap you spent a significant time during childhood has been elected as the president. Not only our family, but the entire village is celebrating Holi and Diwali," she said.

She said that they got a call on July 18 from Kovind inviting them to Delhi.

"Hence, we are busy buying new clothes and with other shopping. We have booked 25 tickets for Delhi. All our family members will reach Delhi in advance, to witness the swearing- in ceremony," she said. Kovind's neighbours in Kalyanpur locality here are also jubliant at his victory.


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