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Kasganj Violence Was Pre-Planned By BJP: Azam

 Agencies |  2018-01-31 16:23:59.0  0  Comments

Kasganj Violence Was Pre-Planned By BJP: Azam

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party leader Mohammad Azam Khan on Wednesday alleged that the conflict in Kasganj was preplanned by the BJP to serve its narrow political ends.

Hitting out at the BJP, Azam Khan, a controversial leader himself, said the violence was pre-planned by the BJP for its political benefit. Kasganj is simmering since the Republic day clash where a 24 year youth was killed.
"The BJP government is harassing Muslims. The nation has to decide the destiny of the country and also the fate of secularism. The easiest thing to suppress these questions is to treat the Muslims as traitors and target them on the pretext of Ganga and cow protection" , said Azam Khan in Rampur on Wednesday. "What was the fault of the Muslims of Kasganj? They were celebrating 26 January, it was not 25 January. A procession along with the saffron flags was forcibly taken out and highly objectionable and provocative slogans were raised in the Muslim dominated locality of Kasganj'', said Mr Khan.
"Whatever happened in Kasganj and happening elsewhere is as per the agenda of the BJP. The people are not so naïve and they can see through the game of the BJP. The violence is preplanned. They first made a big issue out of Padmavat film and won the Gujarat Assembly elections and their next target is Allauddin Khilji to win the next election'', he said.
Alleging that the BJP engineered the violence to divert the attention of the people from pressing issue, Mr Khan said, "the BJP needs a new narrative otherwise they will have to answer tough questions from the people about the promises for providing jobs to the youth the BJP had made during the last Lok Sabha elections in 2014''.
Moreover the SP leader said, "the BJP is also facing the wrath of the people over the devastation caused by the demonitisation and the implementation of the Goods and services act. The easiest option they have is to trigger communal riot by rousing the sentiments over Hindutuva". UNI

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