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Joint Opposition Can Stop BJP To Retain Power In 2019

 Agencies |  2018-05-13 16:49:12.0  0  Comments

Joint Opposition Can Stop BJP To Retain Power In 2019

Lucknow: Claiming that the country is not safe in the hands of the BJP after the four year old state of affairs, senior congress leader and chairman of the all India Professional Congress Sashi Tharoor has said that a joint opposition can stop the BJP to retain the power again in 2019.

"Although it is premature of any grand alliance in the country but still efforts have been started in the states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar but the parties have different ideologies and for a big cause political parties will have to shed their ideologies to save the country," he said.
Defending Congress president Rahul Gandhi's candid acceptance to take the post of PM if Congress gets the majority in 2019, Tharoor said ,"Mr Gandhi is the president of the Congress which will emerge as the top most party after the elections and it is natural that he will become the PM."
"There is no question of any alliance so far at the national level. Even if such thing happens Congress will be the largest party in the country and if it does not happen then too it will be the second largest. So Congress president had said nothing wrong," he said while reacting on whether Rahul Gandhi had not taken the views of the other opposition parties before announcing himself as a future PM.
Addressing a press conference here on Sunday before attending an interaction session of the All India Professional Congress, UP chapter, Tharoor expressed his deep concern on the state of affairs in the country and the way BJP is trying to hit the educational institutions.
"Interfering into the educational institutions like JNU, AMU, BHU and others, the saffron brigade was violating the freedom of speech in these institutions for healthy debate," he said.
The congress MP also slammed the BJP for raking up the Jinnah issue at the AMU. "I am neither Fan of Jinnah nor defending anyone but why such issue has arisen now. The portrait of Jinnah was put on in 1938 and if they had to pull it down it was to be on August 16, 1947. But now BJP and its organisation was doing politics," he alleged.
Tharoor also blamed the UP government for not taking any action on the hooligan in AMU when the students wing of the RSS took law in their hands.
Meanwhile, the Congress MP from Kerala, was optimistic of party retaining power in Karnataka.
"May 15 is just two days away but we are confidant that Siddaramaiah will again become the CM," he said. Claiming that the campaigning of UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath was a damp squib in Karnataka, he said even BJP leaders were not happy with him and forced him to return back to UP. However the leader, commenting on the hung assembly in Karnataka as predicted in exit polls, said that all options are open for the party. UNI

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