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Inter-Faith Couple Passport Controversy: RPO In A Fix Over Adverse Police Report On Address Verification

 Agencies |  2018-06-27 16:05:44.0  0  Comments

Inter-Faith Couple Passport Controversy: RPO In A Fix Over Adverse Police Report On Address Verification

Lucknow: Now ball is in the court of the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) in the matter of passport controversy of an inter-faith couple Anas Siddique and her wife Tanvi Seth alias Tanvi Anas Siddique, after Lucknow police gave adverse report on their residential proof.

The couple Tanvi and Anas gave their permanent address as Lucknow but also showed it as their current address. They have concealed their Noida address.
Regional Passport Officer(RPO) Piyush Verma on Wednesday admitted that they have received the adverse report from the Lucknow police.
"We have received the police report. Will examine it. Applicants had mentioned the current and permanent address as that of Lucknow, but have also informed that they are working in Noida and do keep on going there," Mr Verma said.
He said the decision on the issue would be taken soon. However, the officials maintained that concealing the Noida information is unlawful as per the norms and the passport office can either put the passport on hold or can even further order verification from the Noida.
However, the case related to passport officer Vikas Mishra, who had been alleged of taunting the couple on their inter-faith marriage is still on.
While the police report has objected on their address and had said nothing about the different names of Tanvi Mishra.
Senior Superintendent of Police Deepak Kumar informing about the adverse report said Tanvi was not living at address of Lucknow provided in her passport form for past one year. In local investigation unit (LIU) it was confirmed that she was living in Noida for more than a year but as per rule passport can be issued with that address only where applicant is residing from past one year. Mr Kumar said, "We have sent our report to regional passport office, further investigations will be carried out by them. Police will not take any actions as RPO is authorised to take actions as per rule."
Tanvi and her husband Anas had accused passport officer Vikas Mishra in Lucknow of taunting her Muslim husband to convert to Hinduism and made communal remark on their marriage a few days ago.
The official, on the other hand, clarified his stand saying that he never did such a thing and the reason why he kept her application on hold is that Tanvi's name on her nikahnama (marriage certificate) was Sadia Anas Siddique while she wanted the passport on the name of Tanvi Seth. The officer also questioned why Tanvi, who allegedly said she lived in Noida, did not approach the passport office in that city. Reports, on the other hand, stated that she mentioned in her application that her current address is Lucknow's Qaiserbagh.
After Tanvi's sensational allegations sparked a massive outrage, the Lucknow office hurriedly issued a passport to her and the accused officer was transferred to Gorakhpur. Though after clarification of officer, many media houses and other eminent personalities on social media supported him and demanded a probe into the matter. UNI

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