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Don't Celebrate Christmas, Aligarh Schools Warned

Dont Celebrate Christmas, Aligarh Schools Warned

Lucknow: A Vishwa Hindu Parishad affiliated activist group on Tuesday warned schools in Aligarh of dire consequences if they celebrated Christmas.

The Hindu Jagran Manch, in a letter to all city schools, has said that if the festival is celebrated by them they would be doing it "at their own risk".
The warning has sent the jitters down the spines of missionary schools across the city who have been celebrating Christmas, the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, with gaiety every year.
Soon after the news spread, school managements expressed concern over the warning and called for security. "We have been celebrating Christmas for so many years and every child takes part in it so happily, how can some fringe elements decide on what is to be done and what not," said a school principal on the condition of anonymity. Senior Superintendent of Police Rajesh Pandey when contacted told IANS that there was no question of allowing anyone or any group to disrupt any festivities at the city schools. "Anything that is illegal will not be allowed and such designs will be foiled," he added.

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