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Congress To Showcase Punjab Model To Counter BJP's Gujarat

Congress To Showcase Punjab Model To Counter BJPs Gujarat

Lucknow: In an effort to adopt the Punjab model like the BJP did with the Gujarat model in the country, Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal today showcased the achievement of the two-month-old Punjab government with highlighting the failures of the three year of Narendra Modi government at the Centre. "The Punjab government in just two months time had done what no one thought off. In coming days drug menace would be eradicated fully like we did the terrorism besides several new policies like banning of red beckon lights were even adopted by the Modi government," claimed Mr Badal. He said that the Congress government in Punjab would give such a government whose model would be adopted every where in the country and people will forget Gujarat, pampered by the BJP. "We as an opposition are trying our level best to aware the people about the lapses of the government as the country has already gone backward and now it will take 100 years for the country to reach its goal," he claimed. Addressing a press conference here, Mr Badal, who is the nephew of former Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal, alleged that the BJP government at the centre as well as in the states are destroying the secular fabric of the country as they are just interested in communal division and politics of hatred. "The issue of gau rakshak has dealt a big blow to the dairy industry in Punjab as now all the sale and purchase of cows have been stopped due to unnecessary harassment. Besides, Punjab which has developed a hybrid of cows giving 40-50 kgs of milk daily could not be sent to other parts of the country due to this new controversy," he said. "Narendra Modi and his team is the weakest government in the country so far and failed in its foreign policy.It is a government of statements and warnings." A country's fortune cannot be changed by just giving statements and warning. Our neighboring countries have gone more closer to China which shows our failed foreign policy," he further said. The press meet which was organised on the three year rule of the Narendra Modi government, the Punjab minister said the most harassed are the youths of the country as the Centre had ditched them. "Modi government had promised to provide 2 crore jobs every year but what happened in 2015 they could give just 1.35 lakh jobs. Unemployment is highest in the country this time and under employment is around 35 per cent," he claimed. Alleging that the Modi government had not been successful in any one of the sector, he said that due to failed policy the Kashmir issue has inflated besides, the naxalite movement has also increased in this regime. The Punjab Minister also narrated in detail about the scams in the BJP states like Vyapam in MP, PDS scam in Chhattisgarh, Lalitgate scam involving Rajasthan CM besides GSPC and land scams in Gujarat. Meanwhile, Mr Badal, talking about the Congress condition in UP directly said that much was needed for its revival. When asked about the Congress-SP alliance in the UP polls that failed, he said lesson should be learnt from such incidents.

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