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Cong, Pak & China Don't Want 'Strong' PM Like Modi: UP Minister

Cong, Pak & China Dont Want Strong PM Like Modi: UP Minister

Mathura: Uttar Pradesh minister and Mathura legislator Shrikant Sharma has alleged that a few countries and the Opposition were hampering the progress of India.

"Countries like Pakistan and China have virtually entered into an unholy alliance to check the growth of the country," the state power minister said at a public meeting here on Thursday evening.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader alleged that the same motive same was pursued by the Congress and the grand alliance. The Congress, Pakistan and China "does not want a strong" prime minister like Narendra Modi, and, instead, they want a "majboor sarkar (weak government) and not majboot (strong) sarkar", the minister alleged.

Sharma claimed that under the leadership of Modi, sincere effort had been done for the first time to nip terrorism in the bud -- through airstrike and surgical strike. Corruption and terrorism had been the greatest hurdle in the development of the country, the minister said. To counter it, he said, the Modi government developed a system of transferring the amount, meant for various schemes, directly into the accounts of beneficiaries.

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