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CM Yogi Inaugurates 'UP Mango Festival 2017'

CM Yogi Inaugurates UP Mango Festival 2017

Lucknow: Claiming that Uttar Pradesh government is determined for prosperity of the farmers of the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated UP Mango festival 2017. Mr Adityanath was addressing a gathering in Indira Gandhi Pratishthan here after inaugurating UP Mango fest 2017, organised by the UP Tourism department and Food Processing department. The CM talked with mango farmers and said the whole purpose of this event was to make people familiar about many different varieties of the king of fruits. Earlier, the UP CM planted a mango sapling of Gaurjeet variety and unveiled a book of Horticulture department. Mr Adityanath said that there were about 700 varieties of mangoes in the state. It is need of time that these varieties be conserved and promoted, he added. The Chief Minister said mango farmers here were exporting 300 metric tonne of mangoes but in the recent future, target will be 1000 metric tonne. Mr Adityanath said the UP government was promoting mango farming and export of fruit in the state. He said that Alfonso mango of Mumbai has made its place in world. UNI

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