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Bhim Army Sponsored Dalit Pathshalas In UP

 Agencies |  2018-04-17 15:50:37.0  0  Comments

Bhim Army Sponsored Dalit Pathshalas In UP

Saharanpur: When the entire country is debating over their rights, the Bhim Army, an organisation of the Dalits, have launched an innovative programme to introduce pathshalas in Uttar Pradesh.

The first such Bhim Army pathshala has come up in Saharanpur and some other districts in western UP. The pathshala aims at providing free coaching to Dalit children for their better future. The students are also taught the history of Dalit icons and their struggle.
Bhim Army, Saharanpur district president Kamal Walia on Tuesday announced that 1000 more such pathshalas would be opened in the state.
"The poor Dalit family could not pay hefty fee amount to good schools while the standard of the government schools are very low. We had taken the decision to open such pathshala way back on July 21, 2015," he told reporters here.
Now the children come to these pathshalas every day for two hours which is organised under a tree in the village, or at the Ravidas temple or in the house of the Bhim Army worker.
Walia said to run a Pathshala, Bhim Army has to spend Rs 3000 per month even though the teacher engage do not take any wage. "The Dalit students who have passed graduation or post graduation give their service in these pathshalas while the Dalit members donate from Rs 50 to Rs 300 per month to run these pathshalas," he said. These pathshalas also give a clear political message of Dalit empowerment in the society. Jai Bhim is their common slogan which is shouted before the start of the class. However, the leaders of the Bhim Army are the icons of the students in the pathshalas. UNI

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