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Akhilesh Yadav Defends Himself On Bungalow Row

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Akhilesh Yadav Defends Himself On Bungalow Row

Lucknow: Facing flak over the alleged damage caused to the official bungalow that was vacated, the Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav denied charges of damaging the government bungalow saying that BJP ministers were in the race to shift in the bungalow he had vacated but none was seeking the allotment of the bungalow earlier occupied by the two former BJP chief ministers Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh.

I am at my wit's end to ascertain as to why the BJP ministers are so fond of occupying the bungalow vacated by me. I think the race among the BJP ministers seeking that bungalow bears a testimony to the performance and efficiency of the Samajwadi party government'', said Akhilesh Yadav here on Sunday while addressing the meeting on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the socialist leader Janeshwar Mishra.
He also denied the allegation of the government that there were illegal construction." The construction map was passed by the LDA and even the state cabinet approved the funds," he said. Breaking his silence over the report of the inquiry committee instituted by the state government to probe the damage caused to the bungalow Akhilesh Yadav said`` the charges as baseless and some people armed with hammer and pick axe had entered the bungalow after he vacated it''.
``Who were those persons, their names and identity should be exposed and he will give a prize of Rs 11 lakh who brings this information;;, said SP president. Akhilesh Yadav also denied the charges of alternation and additional construction in that bungalow. ``I was thrown out from that bungalow and it was not my property and no additional construction was done on my orders and whatever changes were made were done after seeking the prior approval of the Lucknow development authority'', claimed the former chief minister.
Two months after he vacated the official bungalow allocated to him on account of being a former chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav is facing more trouble over allegations of damaging the building. Yadav may get a notice from the Estate Department of the government for the damage caused to his official bungalow during his stay there.
The state government had allotted Yadav an official bungalow when he ceased to be chief minister after the UP Assembly polls in 2017. Akhilesh Yadav along with four other former chief ministers Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawat, Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh had vacated their respective bungalows on the orders of the Supreme Court.
After Yadav left, when state government officials took over the bungalow, they reportedly found damage to the property amounting to Rs 5.84 lakh. Subsequently, in its report, the Estate Department alleged that illegal construction amounting to Rs 4 crore was done at the premises. The Estate Department sent its report to the chief minister's office and Yadav may be asked to pay for the damage.
When pictures of the damaged bungalow went viral, it caused a great hue and cry in political circles in Uttar Pradesh. Soon, mudslinging started between BJP government and the SP cadres. leaders. Reacting to damage claims, UP Minister Siddarth Nath Singh said it is clear that in the bungalow allotted to Yadav, a lot of construction work had been done and permission was not taken from the department concerned for the same. "There is a law in this connection and it will take its own course," he added.
SP national secretary and spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary said the BJP was showing its parochial mentality by raking up this issue again and again. "Our national president Akhileshji has already made it clear that whatever damage has been done, it will be paid by him if the department concerned sends appropriate bills to him," Chaudhary added. UNI

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