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Petrol Prices Hiked By 1 Paisa A Litre, Diesel By 44 Paise

Petrol Prices Hiked By 1 Paisa A Litre, Diesel By 44 Paise

New Delhi : With the ongoing fluctuation in global crude oil rates, state-run Indian Oil Corp (IOC) has marginally hiked the price of transport fuels, of petrol by 1 paisa and of diesel by 44 paise both at Delhi with corresponding increases in other states, effective from today.

Prices were last hiked on April 16 with a Rs. 1.39 per litre increase in petrol and Rs. 1.04 a litre raise in diesel rates.

Petrol per litre now costs Rs. 68.09 in Delhi, Rs. 70.68 in Kolkata, Rs. 77.46 in Mumbai and Rs. 71.17 in Chennai.

Similarly, diesel costs Rs. 57.35 in Delhi, Rs. 59.61 in Kolkata, Rs. 63.12 in Mumbai and Rs. 60.71 in Chennai.

State-run oil marketers will roll out a dynamic fuel pricing pilot project from May 1 in five cities where the price of transport fuels would be changed daily so as to better cope with volatility in global crude oil prices. Petrol and diesel prices are currently revised on a fortnightly basis.

Fuel prices would change every midnight in five cities -- Puducherry and Vizag in southern India, Udaipur in the west, Jamshedpur in the east and Chandigarh in the north.

IOC also announced the fuel prices effective for Monday for these five cities.

Petrol per litre will cost Rs. 67.65 in Chandigarh, Rs. 69.33 in Jamshedpur, Rs. 66.02 in Puducherry, Rs. 70.57 in Udaipur and Rs. 72.68 in Vizag.

Similarly, diesel will cost Rs. 57.74 in Chandigarh, Rs. 60.26 in Jamshedpur, Rs. 58.68 in Puducherry, Rs. 61.23 in Udaipur and Rs. 62.81 in Vizag.

The Indian basket of crude oils, comprising 73 per cent sour-grade Dubai and Oman crudes, and the balance in sweet-grade Brent, closed trade on Thursday at $49.94 for a barrel of 159 litres.

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