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BJP's Robust Catch E Sridharan To Placate Kerala

BJPs Robust Catch E Sridharan To Placate Kerala

New Delhi (The Hawk): In an indeed political coup de grace in left-confident Kerala (here even Congress is left), BJP's roping in E Sridharan, world wide famous as India's Metro Man because of his overtly successful metro rails in different parts of the country, indeed is seen as a result of BJP's virtuoso far sightedness, forthright political vision complete with astute sagacity, maturity, forthrightness writ large.

Sridharan, known for his grit, commitment, strict adherence to discipline (may be mildly martinet even) is aptly suited to BJP's original persona of discipline, perseverance, commitment, devotion, seriousness, no slackness of any kind nor any flimsiness. It is Modi-(Amit)Shah duo who thought it befitting to rope in Sridharan in their fold to sway Kerala in BJP's favour as in Kerala, Sridharan is sort of demi-god and is hugely revered. In fact he in Kerala is considered only internationally known Malayalee personality who nationally is also exceedingly popular in the spirit of 'jab tak metro rail rahega, Sridharan aapka naam rahega, saath mein Kerala jeendaa rahega'.

Sridharan is expected to start popularising BJP in the state by touring in it all throughout, spread anti-misgivings about BJP being right, etc. In fact BJP is for all, by all, of all and is equal to all with full parity with no disparity of any kind. Couple this with development of all kinds key word/priority for BJP.....this coming from Sridharan in BJP is being seen as +ve for it in Kerala as Keralites of all hues trust him as a honest, truthful Malaylee who has cut a sure shot niche for himself and Keralites in the entire country for sure as many now are engaged in emulating him, his missionary zeal, zest in achieving a goal howsoever difficult that be.

What's more? He is strictly non partisan, non aligned to any ism except may be Vivekananda philosophy...that aptly suits BJP as fundamentally, BJP too is supposed to be adhering to Vivekananda-philosophy since its inception.

Sridharan, according to his then colleagues in Delhi Metro Rail, is surely worth interacting with as his views/actions are not only India-suiting but also absolutely up to date more than enough to take India upwardly mobile in every field matching best in the whole world. Delhi Metro Rail is a glaring example of it. There are many more dating back to "most difficult Konkan Rail".

In BJP, he is widely seen (even by hard core left leaders) to be lending +ve touches aplenty via the Kerala-masses that will surely create definite support base for the BJP in Kerala and that will come in handy for the party in the elections in Kerala in the coming days. So Viva Sridharan-BJP twosome.

Updated : 22 Feb 2021 5:25 AM GMT


Soumitra Bose is a Special Correspondent of The Hawk in New Delhi

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