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Football Delhi to launch virtual skill competition

Football Delhi to launch virtual skill competition

New Delhi: Football Delhi has decided to start a virtual skill competition for various age groups from next month.

In its Executive Committee meeting held on Sunday, Football Delhi also decided to launch e-football competitions for schools, youth and e-football league to further engage with youth and the football community through popular e-football games.

It was also decided to tentatively schedule the start of new season league activities from December 20 depending upon the Covid-19 situation. The executive committee unanimously agreed that it would abide by the government guidelines and SOPs regarding Covid-19 during the organisation of all football activities.

Shaji Prabhakaran, President of Football Delhi, said: "In this pandemic situation, organising virtual skill competition and e-football competitions means we will be able to provide encouraging competitive opportunities in football through virtual platforms to our youth who are missing in pitch actions for more than the last six months."

"E-football is one of the fastest growing sports globally and we are the first football association in India to integrate e-sports in our system last year. Our e-football competitions will help talented e-football players with further exposure and opportunities to grow in the game."


Updated : 28 Sep 2020 10:44 AM GMT
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