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Congress Slams 'Fudged' GDP Growth Figures As Another 'Jumla'

Congress Slams Fudged GDP Growth Figures  As Another Jumla

New Delhi: The Congress party on Thursday slammed the "fudged figures" on India's GDP growth, saying that trotting out "jumlas and misinformation" has become the "hallmark" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The party said the Modi government was citing higher tax collections as part of the growth story and also hit out at the government for the hike in prices of non-subsidized gas cylinders and for failure to create jobs.
"Blatant lies, jumlas and misinformation has become the hallmark of India's PM Narendra Modi. The truth is that Modi ji doesn't speak the truth," said Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala. "By giving fudged figures on India's growth he is attacking the economists, who have spoken the truth on account of demon of demonetisation. But does he forget that to fake figures can never cover the real truth," said Surjewala.
"The real truth is that the best indicator for a economy's growth is creation of jobs. Modiji promised two crore jobs a year but labour department figures show that only one lakh 35 thousand jobs have been created. This reflects failure of the economy post demonetisation," Surjewala added. The Congress leader said gross value addition is the best indicator for an economy's growth. "That according to CSO figures is 6.6 per cert. All that Modiji and Jaitleyji (finance minister Arun Jaitley) have done is that they have added the indirect tax collection figures collected from petro tax, excise and service tax of nearly Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand crore." "They are showing collection from ordinary people by increasing their tax as India's growth story. This is the most myopic vision of economy," he added.

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