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Amit Shah Lauds Demonetisation In U'khand But Concedes People Facing Trouble

Amit Shah Lauds Demonetisation In Ukhand But Concedes People Facing Trouble

Almora: BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday hit out at the opposition parties protesting demonetisation, saying the discomfort is evident on the face of the leaders opposing the move, which should worry only those who possess blackmoney.
"Those who don't have any black money in their homes, do they have any reason to worry? Do you see any worries on the faces of our leaders? Now have a look at the face of Rahul baba (Gandhi) and see if you can notice discomfort or not," Shah said addressing a public meeting in Almora.
He also targeted other parties, asking the crowd if they could see worry on the faces of SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, BSP chief Mayawati or AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, as the audience answered back saying "yes". "All of them are worried," he said.
Underlining the effects of the government's move to demonetise high currency notes, Shah said that through blackmoney terrorism, naxalite movement, drug mafia and counterfeiters operate and "(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji, with one stroke of the pen, has turned this blackmoney into scrap".
"On 7 November, they said, Modi ji what did you do on the issue of black money. Now they say, Modi ji why did you do it. The 'what' has turned into 'why'. Those people are concerned who have millions and billions stashed in their bungalows," Shah said, taking another jibe at opposition party leaders. The BJP President said that if the human body has an ailment, doctors have to conduct an operation and similarly, demonetisation will have a positive effect.
"The way demonetisation is being opposed, I believe, these people are siding with blackmoney and corruption," he added.
Shah claimed that BJP was sensitive to the problems being faced by people queuing up outside the banks and ATMs but said they must realise that the step had hurt "those sleeping over hoardes of blackmoney three thousand times more than the people on the streets".
Addressing a huge gathering on the occasion of Parivartan Yatra in the Kumaun University SSJ Campus, Shah said the people have to make a decision in the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand - whether they want a state which is developed or not - as he sought votes to bring change in the state, presently ruled by a Congress government.
"We will work to combat Chinese insurgency at the border, control generation of electricity, and work for industrial progress for the benefit of Uttarakhand people," he said as he appealed to the people to vote for BJP, which "will give you a strong, fear-free and corruption-free government" and then Uttarakhand will be the strongest state in the country.

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