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SC order on photos takes away powers of states: DMK chief

Chennai: The Supreme Court order prohibiting the use of chief minister's photographs in government advertisements is an act to take away the powers of state governments, said DMK president M Karunanidhi. Related Stories PMK welcomes SC ruling on government ads Supreme Court says no to politicians' pictures in govt ads except President, PM, CJI In a statement issued here, Karunanidhi referring to the apex court's order on the subject said the order in effect takes away the powers of state governments. The Supreme Court on Wednesday prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders, including ministers, in advertisements issued by the government and its agencies, saying that it leads to promotion of a personality cult. Karunanidhi said as per the principle of cooperative federalism under the Indian Constitution, both prime minister and chief minister enjoy equal status. "In fact, in states people give more importance to the chief minister than the prime minister," Karunanidhi said. Karunanidhi said the prime minister, the president and the chief minister are elected by political parties. "The basic reasons for allowing photographs of president and prime minister in government advertisements equally applies to the usage of photographs of chief ministers," Karunanidhi said. IANS

Updated : 15 May 2015 6:33 AM GMT
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