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Republic Day: TV Celebs Get Nostalgic

Mumbai: For some, it's a reminder of the colourful annual parade, while for some, it's a time to raise pertinent questions about the country -- Republic Day means different things to different actors and show makers of the Hindi television industry. With the 66th Republic Day right around the corner, a few celebrities have shared their thoughts on the occasion, and have pledged to make India clean and green, in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign. Here is what they gushed about for Republic Day: Vishal Singh: On this Republic Day, I want to thank all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation. We actors are called 'heroes�' but according to me they are the actual heroes. I sincerely want to acknowledge and salute them and their families for all that they've done for our nation. I pledge to give credit to those who deserve credit in their respective fields. Meghna Malik: The ceremonious parades, the Beating Retreat fill my heart with pride. But is it just another day of festivities on the calendar? Where does the pride go when we see our leaders misbehave in the parliament? Where does our pride go when citizens are divided and discriminated in the name of religion? Where does our pride go when we as citizens break rules and are impatient with everything around them? We as a country have very many challenges to meet before we can be a true Republic. Our hope lies in staying united and being responsible and I pledge for the same. Ssharad Malhotra: The Republic Day reminds me of school parade. It also reminds me of the struggle of our warriors for freedom. I pledge never to jump signals and never litter the road. India should be a clean country. Gunjan Utreja: The wonderful Republic Day parade is what comes to my mind when I think of Jan 26. One of the most important things that I have been doing as a responsible citizen of India is not littering my surroundings. I thank my school authorities to imbibe this quality in me. After our recess, one class on a rotational basis used to clean the entire ground of the school. This made us realise the value of clean environment. We would also go out occasionally and clean a particular public place. Since then I have never littered. Now I am glad that the government has initiated the clean India movement and I pledge to follow it. Aniruddh Dave: It reminds me of college festivities in Jaipur. The NCC parade used to be the highlight. I pledge to never contribute in noise pollution be it on the road or at home and I will not tolerate any injustice in front of my eyes. Shivin Narang: First thing it reminds me of is the parade Jan 26 as I am from Delhi. I like to hear patriotic songs too. I pledge to never break rules. Ravindra Gautam (director): First thing that comes to my mind is Republic Day parade at Rajpath. I grew up watching that on Doordarshan. I was fascinated by our armed forces parade which motivated me to join armed forces. I qualified the NDA but somehow couldn't join. I pledge to never break any rule and ensure that people close to me do the same. Sudhir Sharma (producer): The march on Rajpath reflects great harmony. I pledge to keep my city clean and not to create any noise pollution. Aadesh Chaudhary: As a child I remember it being a public holiday and sitting with family and watching the parade live. It's very important for today's generation to understand the reason for celebrating this day. I follow rules like not jumping traffic signals and waiting for my turn in a queue.

Updated : 25 Jan 2015 6:50 AM GMT
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