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Nobel prize winner Satyarthi gives clarion call to eliminate child labour

Washington: Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has given a clarion call to leaders and countries towards global elimination of child labour and slavery. "It is a matter of great shame that even in the 21st century this ugly form of slavery exists in?the form of child labour," Satyarthi said in his remarks from the footsteps of the historic Lincoln Memorial with gigantic freedom written in the backdrop here yesterday. Joined by a large number of his supporters, Satyarthi in his passionate speech issued a clarion call for achieving freedom for the world's children ? freedom from slavery, labour, abuse, trafficking and illiteracy. The world still has 168 million child laborers, Satyarthi said, adding that he is on a mission to free each one of them. "We still have child slavery in various manifestations and various forms. This is not an isolated problem of one country. This is a global problem," he told PTI. "The whole international community must rise, must stand up against child slavery," he said, adding that every development must begin from children. "We must ensure that all development begins with children," he said. Satyarthi was joined by a large number of child right groups and organisations at the Lincoln Memorial. He said the UN General Assembly must incorporate the language of child slavery in the future development agenda. PTI

Updated : 17 Jun 2015 6:36 AM GMT
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