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No one can replace Salman Khan as the Bigg Boss host, says Sonali Raut!

The Xpose actress talks about her journey inside the Bigg Boss house and much more in an EXCLUSIVE conversation with BollywoodLife Sonali Raut had quite an entertaining stint in Bigg Boss 8. Her carefree attitude was extremely loved by the masses, which is why she survived inside the Bigg Boss house for three months. We got in touch with the actress post her eviction and in a candid conversation she talked about her journey in the house and much more. Excerpts! First things first, tell us about your journey inside the Bigg Boss house. It was amusing, entertaining and fun. You get to learn a lot when you are inside that house. There were moments when I was really happy in there, but at the same time I desperately felt like getting out that mad house. Having said that, I enjoyed every bit of it. An experience of a lifetime, I say. We were following the voting trends very closely and it was Dimpy Ganguly, who was going to be eliminated instead of you. But then makers changed the plan because her estranged husband Rahul Mahajan was going to enter the house. Your thoughts? I knew that. In fact, I even spoke to Dimpy�s sister after coming out and told her that it was she who was going to be eliminated instead of me. But I was not surprised. I was happy that I came out at the right time. And as for Dimpy, she is doing good. You were tagged as the most lazy contestant on the show. What do you have to say about that? That�s actually the most funny tag that I got inside the house. I used to do my work, but never announce it unlike others. Or maybe people formed that opinion about me because of I-dont-care-a-damn attitude. Diandra Soares went on to call you a �pendulum�, because of your flirtatious attitude with both Gautam Gulati and Upen Patel� (Laughs) There was nothing between Upen and me. And it was just a friendship with Gautam that didn�t go further. Had it been something more, they would have shown it on television. But there was also a sense of jealousy between you and Diandra. Why? I wasn�t jealous of anyone. I don�t know why Diandra had that feeling towards me. Its very natural in girls. I think she didn�t like that I used to talk to Gautam. May be that�s why she told him to stop talking to me. Tell us about that whole incident of you being possessed. What was it all about? It was just a prank that me and Ali (Quli Mirza) decided to play. The atmosphere in the house was getting a bit boring, so we thought to add some fun and play this joke. Talking about Ali, you slapped him on national television. But then few days later, we saw you both chatting and giggling together. Have you forgiven him for whatever he said about you? The slap was my reaction on his actions. I got to know that he said something about me which was very cheap and lewd. So he got what he deserved. See when you are outside, you can ignore these things, but in that house you can�t because you are around the same person 24X7. But I am on cordial terms with him now. He realised his mistake. Let�s talk about this new concept of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Do you think it�s unfair for the champions, who have stayed inside the house for three months to compete with fresh energies, moreover with people who are way too experienced in this game? It definitely is unfair. I saw a few episodes after coming out and it�s very fortunate that I didn�t stay back. Plus it�s not exciting, it looks very forced now. There are so many tasks. It just looks like more of a game show than a reality show. Farah Khan as took over from Salman Khan as the host for this spin-off series. Who is your favourite amongst the two? Salman Khan, hands down. He can�t be replaced. I was lucky to come out of the house the day Salman also left the show. But I am sure, Farah will also do a good job considering she is an ardent fan of Bigg Boss. Who do you want to see as the winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol? It has to be someone from the champions and not from the challengers. More specifically, I want to be either Pritam (Singh) or Gautam. Now that you are out of the house, what are you planing to do next? I have some offers coming my way. So currently, I am reading few scripts. I will officially announce it once everything is finalised

Updated : 9 Jan 2015 8:25 PM GMT
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