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Nitin Gadkari waters plants with own urine!

New Delhi: The secret behind lush garden at Union Road Transport and National Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari's Delhi Bungalow is out. Speaking at an event on sprinkle irrigation systems in Nagpur, Gadkari revealed that he used to water the plants with his own urine. Urine is a `free homemade fertiliser` which has urea and nitrogen compounds, added the BJP leader. Speaking in Marathi, the minister narrated that he collected his urine in a 50-litre can and instructed gardener to water some plants with this. "There was a clear difference � it grew one-and-a-half times bigger than the other plants," he said. The minister did not stop her, he then urged the gathering to keep a can with them to store their urine. "Water an orange tree with urine and see its growth...You will observe the increase in the number of fruits and flowers on the plant, this proves urine is a good fertiliser,� he said. Gadkari's 'urine theray' advise has fueled a frenzy of comments on microblogging website Twitter. Here's how some of the Twitteratis reacted:

Updated : 5 May 2015 7:12 AM GMT
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