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Mamata hits out at Opposition canard

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday expressed displeasure at the 'malicious' campaign targeted at her integrity, saying those who were indulging in it did not understand the sentiments of the masses and the culture and history of the state. She said the people would give a befitting reply in the coming civic election in the state to the canard being spread on television channels and felt there should be a limit to the malicious campaign and 'provocation'. "In this election, the people of the city and Bengal will give a befitting reply to the masses. Those who don't have any understanding about the culture and history of the state are making derogatory comments everyday on television channels. There should be a limit to the malicious campaign," she said. The Trinamool Congress chief was addressing a massive road show in south Kolkata to drum up support for her party's candidates in the civic poll. Hinting at BJP national secretary Siddharth Nath Singh's jibe, "bhag Mamata bhag�, made sometime ago, she said, "Everyday if you open TV channels you will hear some opposition party members abusing me. They are coming from outside, not even born in Bengal and telling me to go out of the state." "Such an audacity! Who are they? These are acts of provocation. Let them remain in televison channels and I will remain in the hearts of the masses," Mamata observed. The Chief Minister said provocative statements were being made by opposition party leaders in order to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the state. "They don't have any base. They are taking services of publicity firms for campaigns and are blaming us that we are spreading terror. They are tearing their own flags and are blaming us for that. Even if there is a family feud in any area they are describing it as if it is a feud of the TMC," she said. Mamata was accompanied by TMC MP and actor Dev and several other party leaders and cine stars from Tollywood during the road show. PTI

Updated : 17 April 2015 7:02 AM GMT
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