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Land swap deal: Joint survey between India, Bangladesh ends

New Delhi: The joint survey between India and Bangladesh for exchanging 162 enclaves along the North Bengal border came to an end yesterday after around 61 thousand people residing in these enclaves put opinion to settle their citizenship. The joint survey report is likely to be examined today. However, the survey report will be reviewed by the officials of both the sides on next Monday. According to reports, around 1,100 people residing at the Indian enclaves situated in Bangladesh have expressed their wish to come back to India. On the other hand, no interest has been shown from the Bangladeshi enclave situated in India, to go back to their native land. As per the land boundary agreement between the two nations, people residing in Indian enclave in Bangladesh can return to India from August 1 to November 30, 2015. ANI

Updated : 17 July 2015 6:19 AM GMT
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