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Jennifer Aniston Scouting Honeymoon Getaways

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Aniston, who has been engaged to Justin Theroux since August 2012, is said to be scouting for honeymoon locations. "Jennifer has been asking friends for recommendations. Nothing is booked, but she's looking at Fiji and Bali. She wants to do things like couples' massage and have complete privacy with Justin," a source told Us Weekly magazine, reports Recently, Aniston had insisted a date hadn't been set for their forthcoming wedding and brushed off suggestions she and Theroux were thinking about eloping. Asked if she was serious when she said they may "just do it" without any fuss, she replied: "I mean sure (we would elope), but then it would bum a lot of people out if we did that, especially his mom."

Updated : 25 Jan 2015 6:49 AM GMT
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