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Hyderabad student shot dead by unidentified men in Florida for refusing 'iPhone'

New Delhi: An Indian Telugu student from Andhra Pradesh has been shot dead by some unidentified locals in United States, Florida, the victim's relatives said on Sunday. According to news agency ANI, Sai Kiran, 23, was killed in Florida after he refused to give his mobile phone. While speaking to the news agency, Sai Kiran's parents who are based in Hyderabad, said, "Sai Kiran was shot dead by locals over a petty issue." Meanwhile, Kiran's uncle Shravan Kumar said, "Four rounds were fired at Sai Kiran at around 12.15 pm today." Kumar further said, "Some people came & asked for his 'iphone' but the assailants shot him after he refused." "We received information from his friends that some people demanded his phone on which he was already talking. His friend on the other end of the call heard four rounds of gun shots being fired. We are awaiting more details," he added. Sai Kiran was pursuing his MS from Atlantic University and had left India only a month and a half back. In a similar case last year, Elaprolu Jayachandra, 22, who also belonged to Andhra Pradesh was shot dead during a robbery at a convenience store in Pasadena, Texas, where he was working. The incident happened when a man in a ski mask shot Jayachandra and took the cash register, Pasadena police spokesman Bud Corbett was quoted as saying by a newspaper in US.

Updated : 15 Jun 2015 5:52 AM GMT
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