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Haryana wants 30 percent hike in crop MSP

Chandigarh:�The Haryana government has recommended a 30 percent hike in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of crops to make the agriculture sector profitable, a minister said Sunday.

Agriculture Minister Om Parkash Dhankar said that the recommendation has been sent to the central government. Punjab and Haryana contribute over 60 percent of food grains (wheat and paddy) to the central food grains pool. The Haryana government has pointed out to the centre that an increase in MSP of crops was required due to increase in the functional costs of agriculture.

It has said that farmers were not able to keep agriculture financially viable and also that the MSP was not commensurate with the rising costs of agriculture.

In Haryana, 90 percent of the arable land is cultivated for traditional crops like wheat, paddy, sugarcane and cotton. Only seven percent land is under horticulture and other crops. The Haryana government has been urging farmers to switch to other cash crops instead of relying on the traditional crops alone, Dhankar said.

"Farmers should keep pace with the changing times otherwise they would be left behind," said Dhankar.


Updated : 8 Feb 2015 7:01 AM GMT
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