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Five BJP activists injured in clash with SFI in Tripura

Dharmanagar: Five members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) youth wing were injured in clashes with the activists of Student Federation of India (SFI) in Tripura's Dharmanagar area. According to an eyewitness, the altercation broke out when SFI activists thrashed an ABVP member after the latter declined to accept SFI membership. Enraged by this, ABVP activists and BJP Yuva Morcha gathered on the spot in protest. After this a fight broke out between SFI, ABVP and BJP Yuva Morcha, in which the five people were injured. "Police did not allow us to move as they (SFI members) pelted bricks on us. In this the BJP Yuba Morch's state secretary Bhaumik got head injury and he has been referred from Dharmanagar to Agartala. I was also there and few others who were injured have been admitted in the Dharmanagar," said Pranab Debnath, the eyewitness. Meanwhile, BJP Yuva Morch ( BJYM) state president, Kamal Dey, condemned the incident and said that the Communist Party does not want to see any other party active in the state. "They (CPI-M) do not want to allow any other political party to be active in this state but we are also determined. By attacking the Yuba Morcha or BJP they cannot stop our activities because like other states, here the BJP is getting powerful and people want to bring BJP to power in the election of 2018," Dey said. "We want to say only one thing to the Chief Minister that you are also the Home Minister and we condemn this type of activity," he added. ANI

Updated : 24 July 2015 7:07 AM GMT
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