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Anushka Sharma Goes Mum On Virat Kohli And Her Wedding!

Mumbai: While Virat Kohli went all out for his darling Anushka Sharma on Twitter and otherwise, professing his love for her, Anushka still wants to stay mum over it. Recently, when she was asked to confirm if they are going to get married, the actress not only went curt, but also snubbed the journalist. At the PK success bash, there were band and bajaa and as soon as the could-be-bride arrived, everyone started celebrating. Anushka�s entry at the event made the bandwalas play the IPL tune, apparently, embarrassing the beauty. If that wasn�t enough, she went really terse when asked about her wedding with Virat. Someone from the media asked her about her wedding and lady retorted asking the same question to the journalist. She argued that she can ask her the same question too. The actress dismissed the question saying that she will let everyone know when there is something to announce. She then declared that she won�t talk about it and stormed off.

Updated : 13 Jun 2015 7:04 AM GMT
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