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Watch Video: 7 Youth Perform Salman's Kick Movie 'Train Stunt' Off Rail Bridge

 The Hawk |  2016-07-18 18:10:43.0  0  Comments

Watch Video: 7 Youth Perform Salman

Ghaziabad: Bollywood megastar Salman Khan's 'train stunt' in his blockbuster Kick movie has become reality once again when seven youth from Ghaziabad performed the life risk stunt by jumping off a bridge into a river canal just a second before the train would have hit them in Ghaziabad under Masuri police station limits. The video of the creepy stunt performed by some unidentified seven youth has gone viral and created flutters locally. The 50 second-long video shows seven youth, all allegedly below 20 years, standing in their boxers on the railway bridge over a river canal in Masuri area waiting for the oncoming train nearing them. When the train nears them just a few feet distant with the speed of tons and was about to hit them, the lads jumped off the bridge into the water body underneath the bridge. The spine-chilling stunt by the youth came to light and the orders by the railway officials issued to identify the youth to apprehend and probe into the matter to find the motive behind performing such harrowing stunt. In the past also, the dangerous stunt was performed by a youth after watching Salman's Kick inspired by the 'train stunt' in the movie.

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