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'Will form strong govt in Jharkhand,' says Congress' Rajesh Thakur

Will form strong govt in Jharkhand, says Congress Rajesh Thakur

Ranchi: As the trends showed JMM-led alliance inching closer to victory in Jharkhand, Congress leader Rajesh Thakur on Monday said that they will form a strong government in the state.

"BJP is leading on just 28 seats while those people who contested against it are leading on 53 seats. It is clear that more people have voted against the government. The government that is going to be formed will be a majority and a strong government. Our alliance is capable of forming the government alone. But still, those who are winning against the government...it is their moral responsibility and our moral responsibility as well that we take them together," he said while speaking to reporters.

People understood that they use the name of Lord Ram only for politics, said Thakur taking a jibe at BJP.

The Congress leader said they do not believe in creating hype but will celebrate with people once they get a "clear-cut" mandate.

Asked about the "Ghar-Ghar Raghubar" slogan, he said, "All this fraud doesn't work for too many days. You can come to power once or twice by raining "jumlas" but not every time."

Stressing that people have voted against the government, the Congress leader said, "Somewhere, people have slapped the jumla as well and they said that politics can't be done just on the basis of jumlas."

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