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PM Modi Lists Abuses Hurled At Him By Cong

PM Modi Lists Abuses Hurled At Him By Cong

-Asks Followers To Share It On Social Media

Kurukshetra: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday accused the Congress of hurling abuses at him from its "love dictionary" and said the party did not even spare his mother.

"I stopped their corruption and challenged their dynasty because of which they wear masks of love and abuse me," he said in a rally at Kurukshetra.

The Prime Minister claimed that the Congress also compared him to Hitler, Dawood Ibrahim, Mussolini, etc.

Listing out all the abuses that the opposition has hurled at him, he asked his supporters to send it to everyone they know on social media. His remarks came after Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Monday that despite Modi insulting his father Rajiv Gandhi, he only had love for the PM.

"A leader of Congress called me 'gandi naali ka keeda' (an insect), one leader called me a mad dog, another one called me Bhasmasura. One more Congress leader, who was external affairs minister, called me a monkey while another minister compared me with Dawood Ibrahim," Modi alleged.

"They even abused my mother and even asked who my father is and remember all this was said after I became Prime Minister," Modi said.

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