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Give The Date, When Temple Will Be Built: Uddhav Demands BJP Govt

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Give The Date, When Temple Will Be Built: Uddhav Demands BJP Govt

Ayodhya: Launching an attack on BJP and claiming itself as the saviour of Hindutva, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday demanded the BJP to announce a date, when the Ram Temple will be built.

''How many years will we have to wait, generations have gone by. First tell us when the temple will be constructed. During the Atal Bihari Vajpayee's time, it might have been little difficult, but today's government is powerful.
''If you want to bring in an ordinance, bring it or if you want to make a law, do it, Shiv Sena promises to support it,'' he said, while addressing a gathering at Lakshman Kila, on his maiden visit to Ayodhya. On the occasion, he performed Vedic rituals to honour saints and seek their blessings.
Later, Mr Udhav, his wife Rashmi and son Aditya attended the Saryu Aarti, along with thousands of Shiv Sainiks.
The Shiv Sena chief was critical on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even termed him as 'Kumbhkaran'. He said a person should have a big heart and not chest, without taking any name.
"We have come here to wake up the Kumbhkaran and a person should have a big heart, not chest. We were forced to come here to awake the Kumbhkaran, as he has forgotten his promise.
"A person could have a big chest, but if his heart is not big, then he is of no use," Mr Thackeray commented. He further said, "You didn't wait even for half-an-hour in implementing demonetisation. Then, why such long wait for Ram temple?" The Shiv Sena chief said people will not tolerate the slogan of 'Mandir waha banayenge, magar tarikh nahi batayenge'. Though claiming that his visit should not be seen as political, he said the visit was totally religious and to support the majority sentiments.
"I have come to Ayodhya for the first time, to have a darshan of Lord Ram. People say that I am here due to the coming Lok Sabha polls to take up the Ram Temple issue. I want to say we remember those who are forgotten, but how can we forget Lord Ram? I have come here with an ideology and legacy. It was a big day for me as saints have blessed me," he said. "Every Hindu wants construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya and we fully support their demands," said the SS supremo, while appealing to the masses to unite and support the construction of Ram Temple.
He also said that when the Ram Temple will be constructed, he will again come here as a simple Ram bhakt for darshan. Demanding a legislation on Ram Temple, Mr Thackarey said the court cannot solve the issue, as it is a matter faith and the court cannot give its verdict on faith. "The government should not delay further and bring an Ordinance for Ram Temple. Several of Shiv Sena MPs are here and I assure their support," he said.
Udhav and his family will have the darshan of Ram Lalla at the Ram Janambhoomi on Sunday morning and thereafter, they will leave for Mumbai. A silver brick was handed over for Ram Mandir by UP unit of Shiv Sena. Mr Thackeray is carrying a pot full of soil from the Shivneri Fort in Pune, which will be handed over to the priest at Ram Janmabhoomi on Sunday. Shiv Sainiks raised slogans of "Pahele mandir, phir sarkar".?They also raised Jai Sri Ram slogans during the speech of Uddhav. The Sainiks also visited local temples in large numbers, raising Jai Sri Ram slogans. Meanwhile, a large posse of police accompanied Mr Thackeray's cavalcade. All roads to Ayodhya have been sealed. Barricades have been put up at three places and no one is being allowed to enter Ayodhya from Faizabad. On the other hand, in a change of programme, one of the special trains carrying Shiv Sainiks from Maharashtra, will leave for Ayodhya on Saturday night, while it was earlier scheduled to leave on Sunday morning. The change was made by the Railways, on the request of Shiv Sena leaders. UNI

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