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A New Book On Mahatma Gandhi's Communication Skills

A New Book On Mahatma Gandhis  Communication Skills

If you think MAHATMA GANDHI is now fully expored by writers and thinkers, you are grossly mistaken!! Gandhi's verbal and non-verbal communication skill is a subject that has largely remained hither to comparatively an unexplored subject. But a new book of Navajivan Trust has tried to bridge the gap explicitly. The title is "MAHATMA: A GREAT COMMUNICATOR"

To write on Gandhi, a most written subject in the world history was felt a challenge to Dr.Dhiraj kakadia's mind.The Commissioner of Entertainment and Luxury tax, Government of Gujarat Dr. Kakadia has authored this book on his research for PhD course from Gujarat Vidyapeeth. The author describes in detail how Gandhi could rally the nation without Radio, TV and Internet. The officer has tried to analyze it from various perspectives. The book has seven chapters. However,the third chapter in this book is the core of his research work which is on Gandhi's Soul Communication.

Gandhi's soul communication, his extensive travel, his sartorial strategy and his unique style… all these are wonderfully described in Dr.Kakadia's book. Late Shree Narayanbhai reacted that this research has thrown light on so far unexposed magic of Gandhi.

The book carries foreword from a man whom the entire India salutes!!.That's Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, the late people's President of India. Dr. Kalam kept the manuscript with him for around four months and went through each chapter carefully. He then gave a gracious one page foreword describing it a wonderful piece of research.

Speaking to our Editor Atul Shah,the author said he went to UK for 20 days to visit Gandhi's legacy as also to go through digitally preserved Gandhi era newspapers in British Library.The author interviewed Shri Narayanbhai Desai who happened to serve Mahatma Gandhi as Personal Assistant and various Gandhian ideologues such as Shri Sudarshan Ayengar,Shri P K Lehri etc.

BOOK AVAILABLE AT: sales@navajivantrust.com

The book is sequenced in the context of Gandhi's communication skills: his verbal output, his linguistic capacity, his journalistic and letter-writing style, his peace communication in conflict, his organizational ability,international repercussions of his mass-mediated messages and the somewhat inexplicable phenomenon of his non-verbal communication. The author says it's in fact quite fascinating how he used non-verbal methods as incisive tools to cut the clutter in communication. Examples abound – like his use of silence, fasting, clothing, food habits, personal presence and charisma.

Yet at the heart of the analysis of Gandhi's communication methods in the present book is the study of what may be called 'soul communication'. Gandhi propagated eleven vows which aimed at cleansing the soul from worldly desires, greed, ambition, bodily pleasures etc. The logic: a purified soul easily receives the message of God and translates it into an action. It is this belief that prompted him to do fasts for the sake of humankind and observe silence to listen to soul messages.
Dr. Kakadia believes as a thinker and communicator, Gandhi practised what he preached, and wholeheartedly expected his practices to become common practices someday. In order to communicate, he transformed himself, and by communicating, he tried to transform the world. It is this virtue that makes him perhaps the unique communicator in the history of humanity!!

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