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Teachers should be cool and calm and polite while dealing with the students- S P Verma

Teachers should be cool and calm and polite while dealing with the students- S P Verma

Meerut: A teachers' training session on Classroom Management was conducted for the teachers of Gandhi International Public School, Meerut by Mr S P Verma, Director Vidya Institute of Training and Development , VKP ,Meerut. In the session 30 teachers took part.

The programme was started after lightening the lamp before the portrait of Maa Saraswati by the Master Trainer Mr SP Verma and Principal Mrs Sarika Gupta. Principal Mrs Sarika welcomed the trainer and introduced him to the participants saying that Mr S P Verma has trained more than 9000 teachers and more than 350 principals in the schools situated in 18 states of the country.

Conducting the session , Mr S P Verma explained the session plan and pedagogy. He conducted various activities in which all participants took part. He explained the meaning of effective classroom management , the importance of effective classroom management practices , the strategies for effective classroom management, the characteristics / factors of a well managed classroom , strategies on how to manage rules and procedures, methods and procedures for how to handle discipline problems, developing a personal philosophy of effective classroom management and helping the participants to have a classroom management plan for self .

Mr S P Verma explained the content of the workshop through power point presentaions, role play, case studies, informed group discussion, individual activities, film shows, collaborative and experiential learning, etc. This was very nice interactive session of 6 hours. An attempt to empower teachers to handle the classroom situations and indiscipline behaviours effectively. He shared a three rules formula for dealing the students "Be cool and calm, Be polite and Be Firm"

The participants expressed their feelings about the workshop during open housed and feedback session, who found the workshop very useful and beneficial for their professional life. Mrs Madhulika found the workshop and presentations awesome. Ms Monika said that it was a wonderful experience to attend the workshop.


SP Verma ( 14 )

SP Verma is our Literary Columnist. He is Director, Vidya Institute of Training and Development, Meerut. Earlier he was Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya.

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