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People Who Plan Ahead Have The Best Sex, Study Claims

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People Who Plan Ahead Have The Best Sex, Study Claims

When you think about what constitutes "sexy", it's unlikely that the first thing to spring to mind is Excel documents and iCal invites.

However, despite the hot, steamy and spontaneous encounters we see on film telling us otherwise, scheduled sex may reign supreme in terms of satisfaction.
According to a German study published in The Journal of Sex Research, those with a propensity for forward planning report better sexual function than those who are more easy-going.
Those with personality traits falling under the conscientious umbrella i.e. people who are efficient, achievement-oriented, disciplined and dependable, are more likely to be sexually satisfied than those who pride themselves on a devil-may-care approach to intimacy.
A team of psychologists at Ruhr University Bochum surveyed 966 couples for the study, most of whom were heterosexual, and asked them about the quality of their sex lives and their personality traits in a bid to examine any links.
The researchers used the "Big Five" framework to identify people by their personality traits, which consists of extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experience in addition to conscientiousness.


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